18 May 2013

More Quilts.....

Just a few more quilts I have been working on the last couple of weeks....enjoy:

Julie Sutcliffe

Julie Sutcliffe: detail

Dorothy Lawrenson

Dorothy Lawrenson Detail

Pat Rogers

Pat Rogers Detail

Rita Ward

Rita Ward Detail

GPQ Exhibition Winners

The visitors choice awards from the Garstang Patchwork and Quilters. Well done ladies :)
1st by Carole Galbraith
2nd by Debi Spencer

3rd by Margaret Wooller

4th by Anne Linney

Stolen Quilts

Two of my friends have had quilts stolen from a mill just before a quilt show last weekend. I would appreciate it if you could keep your eyes open for these six quilts. No matter how long it takes for them to surface both makers are desperate to be reunited with their beautiful pieces of art work. As many of you know an enormous amount of love and attention goes into quilt making and it is a beautiful art form. We cannot comprehend why anybody would steal something so personal never mind 30-40 pieces. The pieces were taken from Empress Mill in Colne. Any information would be greatfully appreciated.
By Pam Eccles

By Pat McDowall

By Pat McDowall

By Pat McDowall

By Pat McDowall

By Pat McDowall

28 April 2013

Patchwork Classes (Class 3)

Class 3 hard at work today - although I did hear a lot of chatter and giggling going on upstairs today which is always nice to hear. Sounded like they all had fun anyway :)

First up Alice's Log Cabin block finished after her first class last month - stitched together love the colours!

by Alice Jesmont
Alice working on her next block today...Pineapple

Alison's Log Cabin block finished after her first class last month - she's left it seperate so she can choose which way to sew it once the blocks are finished. Completely different result from Alice's that's the joy of patchwork!

By Alison Sedgewick

Alison busy working on her Pineapple block today. . . looking forward to seeing it next month!

The beginning of her Pineapple

MEANWHILE..... Alison F and Bridget have been working on their circular flying geese quilts...

Bridget Rabbits quilting her wall hanging
Alison Forde making borders for her quilt - she's making it bigger than Bridget's for her Grandson
India pressing her log cabin block

27 April 2013

Quilting this week (part 2)

by Kath Burrows
This is the second quilt I've been working on this week, I've had free reign quilting it and it's been so much fun. I love everyones reactions when the come to collect the quilts I do, but part of me is sad that I won't see them again! I think I've had more of a connection with this quilt as I helped Kath to choose her fabrics. She initially chose the dark blue fabric (which I didn't particularly like), she has definitely shown me that there is beauty in every fabric! I love love love this quilt and it's been a pleasure to quilt. Watch this space I think it might be off to the Great Northern Quilt Show :) it will be great to see it finished at the show.  

by Kath Burrows: Detail

by Kath Burrows: Detail

by Kath Burrows: Detail

Quilting this week....

I've had a very busy week this week, with the Twisted Log Cabin class on Tuesday. The first quilt of the week was this fantastic log cabin beauty by Linda Kennedy - quilted with a pantograph design. The pattern is so effective a lovely way to use all those scraps up! :)

by Linda Kennedy

by Linda Kennedy: Detail

by Linda Kennedy

26 April 2013

Class Success :)

Had a visit yesterday from Helen and Loretta to show me their completed blocks. So pleased they've finished them since tuesday. My teaching can't be that bad after all!!! :) Both are extremely striking, Loretta is making more blocks for a quilt and Helen is making hers into a cushion which will also be for sale at her Coffee morning (all proceeds go to Project Linus UK).

By Loretta McWilliam

By Helen Roberts